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Cubaris sp. Cappuccino

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Genus: Cubaris
Species: Cappuccino
Locale: Thailand

Favorite food:  Sweet potatoes, fish flakes (tetra pro), zucchini, squash, carrots, freeze dried minnows, Repashy morning wood, Repashy bug burger, freeze dried crickets, etc.
Other nutritional requirements: Decaying wood, decaying leaves.
Preferred temperature: 70F-85F
Breeding temperatures: 75F-85F
Humidity:  Substrate should be damp, but not swampy.  Give them a gradient from wet to a drier area.
Special requirements: Calcium.  You can add either small pieces of cuttlebone, or powdered calcium to the substrate every few weeks.  Garden lime, or dolomite lime as a supplement is a great addition once a month.
Size: Half an inch for adults
Lifespan: 2yrs +
Substrate: ABG mix
Housing:  Any plastic Tupperware with vent holes.  You can also make a cutout on the side of the plastic enclosure and cover it with nylon mesh
Reproduction:  Mancae (babies) will usually mature within 6 months or so and start producing their own babies.  Brood size can be from as little as 4 mancae to as much as 18+.