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OBT Tarantula - Orange baboon Pterinochilus murinus


The Legendary OBT Tarantula: Unveiling the Mystery 🌟

What's in a Name? OBT Decoded

  • Orange Bitey Thing
  • Orange Baboon Tarantula
  • Orange Badass Tarantula

Why Own an OBT? This tarantula is not just a pet; it's an experience. With its mesmerizing bright orange hues and a personality that's larger than life, the OBT is a true diva of the tarantula world. While they are not aggressive, they are highly defensive, making them one of the most spirited species in the hobby. Their defensive postures often emerge in their juvenile stages, but even as spiderlings, they can occasionally strike a pose.

Ease of Care: A Hardy Choice The OBT is incredibly resilient, making it one of the easiest tarantulas to care for.

Husbandry & Care 🌡️💧

  • Temperature: Thrives in a warm environment, ranging from 70°F to 83°F.
  • Humidity: Prefers low humidity with a semi-moist corner. Water dish is not necessary.
  • Housing: These are prolific webbers, so expect a webbed wonderland in their enclosure.  
  • Babies can be comfortable in a small 1-4 oz salsa container.  Juveniles in a 32oz or a 6 inch enclosure, and adults would thrive in a 12 inch enclosure. 

Humidity Management: To maintain optimal humidity, mist one side of the enclosure every two weeks, allowing the moisture to naturally disperse. A water dish is optional, as they tend to web around it.

Additional Insights 📚

  • Scientific Name: Pterinochilus murinus
  • Common Name: OBT – Orange Bitey Tarantula
  • Type: Burrowing, Hybrid
  • Category: Old World Baboon
  • Locale: Native to Africa
  • Size: Females can boast a legspan of up to 5 inches.
  • Urtication Hairs: None
  • Stridulation: Known for their unique stridulation noises.
  • Growth Rate: Highly temperature-dependent, with rapid growth at 80°F.
  • Life Expectancy: Females can live up to 12 years, while males typically reach 2-3 years.
  • Recommended Experience Level: Best suited for intermediate to experienced keepers.

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