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Urban Tarantulas

Typhochlaena seladonia * Brazilian Jewel Tarantula *

Typhochlaena seladonia * Brazilian Jewel Tarantula *

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Introducing the
* * * Brazilian Jewel Tarantula * * *
* * * * ~ Typhochlaena seladonia ~ * * * *



 Make sure to watch this video before purchasing: 

All Seledonias will have to go to a FedEx Hub pending pickup.  We will locate the closest FedEx Hub to you, and ship it there. 
To find the nearest one in your area, check this link: 


Unveiling the Typhochlaena seladonia: The Living Masterpiece of the Tarantula World 🎨🕷️

Prepare to be captivated. The Typhochlaena seladonia isn't just another tarantula; it's a living, breathing work of art.
With iridescent colors that dance and dazzle, this species is the epitome of arachnid elegance.
In a world of 900 tarantula species discovered, the Seladonia reigns supreme as the most colorful, making it the crown jewel of any collection.

Why Choose Urban Tarantulas? Your Trust, Our Commitment 🤝🕷️

At Urban Tarantulas, we aim to offer the Seladonia as regularly as possible. While we're not at the point of breeding them on a consistent schedule, our ongoing efforts and expertise in the field mean that we strive to have this species available for enthusiasts who appreciate its unique qualities. Each Seladonia we offer is a testament to our commitment to expanding the availability of this remarkable species.

What's in the Box? Unboxing Your New Treasure 🎁🕷️

A radiant Seladonia spiderling, bursting with health and color.
A piece cork bark hide, complete with a built-in trapdoor, designed to mimic your tarantula's natural habitat.
A secure, ready-to-use container filled with the ideal substrate for your new eight-legged friend.

The Sparkling Details: Everything Else You Need to Know 📚

Latin/Scientific name: Typhochlaena seladonia
Common names: Brazilian Jewel Tarantula, Jewel Spider, Candy Shop Spider, Jeweled Pink Toe, Brazilian Pink Toe
Type: Arboreal, Trapdoor Artist
Category: New World
Locale: Hailing from the lush landscapes of Brazil
Size: A voluptuous beauty, females can flaunt a legspan of up to 2.5 inches
Urtication hairs: None, they're all about the dazzle
Growth rate: Moderate, but oh-so-worth the wait
Life expectancy: Females can grace us with up to 10 years, males around 4 years
Recommended experience level: Ideal for intermediate to seasoned keepers
Shipping: Your New Friend's First Journey 📦🕷️

To ensure the utmost safety and well-being of your new family member, we ship exclusively to the nearest FedEx hub. Rest assured, I'll personally locate the closest hub to your address and provide all the details before your Seladonia embarks on its journey to you.

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Shipping costs:

I charge a standard rate of $50 for shipping tarantulas, and isopods.
I take a loss on shipping, on every package.
There are many costs associated with shipping that are not evident on the surface level:
An insulated box.
Cold/heat pack.
The vials that the animals go inside of have to be drilled a certain way.
The preparation of the vials with padding takes labor to make.
So $50 for shipping is actually a bargain.
Packages go out usually Monday/Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday.
I will not ship after Wednesday, because if there are shipping delays, I do not want it to go over the weekend.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

I offer LAG (Live Arrival Guarantee) on every single package that I ship.
Animals usually arrive at your doorstep, or your nearest FedEx hub the following day after I ship.  Usually 10am, but that is not always the case.
Sometimes it might take an additional day to arrive, but that is rare.
In the RARE case that the animal/s arrive DOA (dead on arrival), the receiver MUST send photos and video to me within an hour documenting the condition of the said animal.
We will then discuss replacement options if that is the case.
I've been shipping and sending hundreds if not thousands of packages over the last 10 years with an impeccable track record.
Shipping costs on DOA’s are never refundable.

Local Pick Up: 

Local pick up in Los Angeles is always available.
If you live close, come pick up the animals.
I can also personally deliver the animals the same/next day if the order is over $200.



Where do you get your enclosures?
For a good quality enclosure, I recommend Herpcult Enclosures

What substrate do you use?
I prefer coco fiber substrate mixed with peat. Usually a 80/20 mixture.
Coco or similar
Sphagnum Peat Moss or similar

What temperature do you keep your tarantulas in?
I have my room set at 80°F, but they will be perfectly fine in temperatures between 69°F-83°F. I prefer using the Govee thermometer.

Are tarantulas venomous?
Yes, all spiders are venomous. However, tarantulas do not possess a medically significant venom. There have been no records of any humans dying due to a tarantula bite.

What happens if I get bit by a tarantula?
On the rare occasion that you get bit by a tarantula, remain calm. Do not run hot water over the wound because it will speed up the spread of the venom. Instead, clean the bite mark with room temperature water and monitor your symptoms. If your pain does not go away, please consult a physician.

What do you feed your tarantulas?
I feed my tarantulas crickets, roaches, mealworms, or superworms. However, crickets are always the easiest and most accessible from pet stores.
Tongs I use are- My favorite option or a less expensive alternative.

How often do you feed your tarantulas?
I feed my tarantulas once a week or bi-weekly.