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Avicularia Peru Purple - Jurensis pink toe


Welcome to the realm of the regal! The Peru Purple (Avicularia Jurensis M2) is so stunning, it makes rainbows jealous. If you're wondering what royalty wears in the spider world, it's this fabulous purple hue.

🏠 Housing: Super simple

  • Baby Steps: Start off with a salsa deli container. Yes, the same one you nabbed from your last taco Tuesday! 3-4 oz will do.
  • Teenage Dream: Move them into a high-rise Tupperware mansion that's 6-10 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide.
  • Adulting Like a Pro: Time for a 10-12 inch arboreal condo.

🌬️ Ventilation:

  • Cross ventilation is key. Drill a few holes in that fancy enclosure of yours to let the wind blow through their tiny little follicles?

🌡️ Climate: 

  • These lovelies like it between 70°F and 82°F.

📚 Quick Facts:

  • Latin Name: Avicularia Jurensis M2
  • Common Name: Peru Purple
  • Habitat: Arboreal (They're the penthouse kind of spider)
  • Origin: Straight outta Peru
  • Category: New World
  • Size: Females flaunt a legspan of 6-7 inches. Werk it, girl!
  • Itch Factor: None! They're all beauty, no bite (well, urticating hairs anyway).
  • Growth Spurt: Medium growth rate
  • Longevity: Ladies live up to 12 years; gents, a chill 3 years or so.
  • Spider Scholar: Great for tarantula enthusiasts from beginner to expert.

Buy it, love it, and elevate your tarantula game to new heights!