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Brachypelma albiceps - Mexican Golden Red Rump


🕷️ Brachypelma Albiceps: Mexican Red Rump 🌟

Discover the Brachypelma Albiceps! Meet the Brachypelma Albiceps, a tarantula that is as charming as it is captivating. Known for its striking white/golden-colored hair on its carapace and the contrast with its dark body, this species is often referred to as the Mexican Golden Red Rump. It's a living, moving piece of art that brings a piece of the Mexican wilderness into your space. Ideal for both beginner and seasoned tarantula enthusiasts, the Brachypelma Albiceps is a delightful addition to any collection for its unique appearance and docile nature.

🌞 Care and Husbandry: Ensuring Your Brachypelma Albiceps Thrives

  • Temperature: A cozy environment with temperatures between 75°F to 80°F is perfect.
  • Humidity: Aim for a humidity level of 50-60%, suitable for their semi-arid natural habitat.
  • Housing: Being terrestrial, they need a horizontal enclosure with some space.

📖 Facts and Information: Everything You Need to Know

  • Latin/Scientific Name: Brachypelma Albiceps
  • Common Name: Mexican Golden Red Rump
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Category: New World
  • Locale: Native to the highland regions of Mexico, Chihuahua, Guerrero.
  • Size: They can reach up to 6 inches in leg span.
  • Urtication Hairs: Yes, they possess urticating hairs.
  • Stridulation: No typical stridulation sounds.
  • Growth Rate: Slow to moderate.
  • Life Expectancy: Females can live for 20-30 years, males less.
  • Recommended Experience Level: Beginner-friendly, a great option for first-time tarantula keepers.

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