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Greenbottle Blue Tarantula - Chromatopelma cyanapubescense


These specimens are 2.5inches to 3inches in length. 
We have Unsexed, we have males, and we have females.
Soon enough, they will be all sexed, it just takes time to sex them all, and we have started the process.  

(Chromatopelma cyanapubescense)
The first two pictures are what the babies look like.  The next set of pictures are the same tarantula, but with adult coloration.

Enclosure size recommendations:

A flat Tupperware like enclosure, about 2in tall, and 3 to 4 inches wide for babies.
If you need one, just ask it in the notes and I will include one for free during shipping.
After several months, they can be rehoused into a slightly larger tupperware container.  Add a few holes across for cross ventilation.
Or you can get something like this:  Click here
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Notes on species:
The GBB is a staple in the hobby. 
It’s a must have, and one of the most recognized tarantulas.
Its relatively calm and docile behavior make them a very popular beginner species.
Although on the docile side, this species still can kick urticating hairs when threatened.


They thrive in drier and arid environments.
Occasional misting inside the enclosure is recommended. 
Keep the substrate dry, but NOT desert dry,.
Water dish is not necessary for babies.  
They like heat. The hotter your temperature, the faster they mature.  
They will tolerate temperatures anywhere from 70° all the way up to 85°
Feed one small cricket once a week.
For more information on enclosures, check out our FAQ.


Other useful information

Latin/Scientific name: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens.
Common name:  Greenbottle Blue
Type:  Terrestrial hybrid.
Category:  Terrestrial bird spider
Locale:  Venezuela, Peninsula Paraguana.
Size:  Female legspan can reach 6.5in to 7.5in across.
Urtication hairs: Yes, when threatened.
Growth rate:  Highly temperature dependent.  In the high’s of 77° they grow fast.
Life expectancy: Females up to 15 years, males 4 years max.
Recommended experience level:  Beginner.
For more information on this species, click here


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