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Poecilotheria striata - Mysore Ornamental


🕷️ Introducing the Striped Stunner: Poecilotheria striata - Mysore Ornamental 🕷️

Say hello to the Poecilotheria striata, also known as the Mysore Ornamental Tarantula. This species is a true masterpiece of Mother Nature, boasting sleek and striking stripes that would make any zebra jealous! With a color palette that perfectly blends earthy tones with a hint of mystery, the P. striata is a living, crawling work of art. It's not just a tarantula; it's a conversation starter that will captivate both spider enthusiasts and the arachnid-curious alike.

🌡️ Care and Majesty: The Striata Lifestyle 🌡️

Temperature: These striped beauties thrive in a balmy environment, preferring temperatures between 70°F to 85°F. Humidity: They enjoy a humidity level of around 60-70%, just enough to keep their exquisite stripes glistening.
Housing: Being arboreal, the P. striata loves to climb and show off its stripes from above. A tall enclosure with vertical space for climbing and exploring is ideal. Think of it as providing them with their own personal runway!

🔍 Facts and Information: Stripe by Stripe 🔍

  • Latin/Scientific Name: Poecilotheria striata
  • Common Name: Mysore Ornamental Tarantula
  • Type: Arboreal
  • Category: Old World
  • Locale: Found in Mysore, India
  • Size: They can stretch up to 6-7 inches in leg span.
  • Urtication Hairs: They don't have urticating hairs. Their beauty is their defense!
  • Stridulation: No stridulation sounds from these silent beauties.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate. They take their time to grow, ensuring each stripe is perfect.
  • Life Expectancy: Females can live up to 12 years, while males have a shorter lifespan.
  • Recommended Experience Level: Best suited for intermediate keepers due to their speed.

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