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Sericopelma sp Santa Catalina Tarantula



Discover the Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina," a captivating and less commonly known tarantula that is a true hidden gem in the arachnid world. Native to the lush landscapes of Panama, this species boasts a sleek and elegant appearance. Its unique coloration and patterns make it a standout addition to any collection. Whether you're a seasoned tarantula enthusiast or new to the hobby, the Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina" offers a blend of exotic beauty and intriguing behavior that's sure to fascinate.

Care Details:

  • Temperature: The ideal temperature range for the Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina" is between 75 to 85°F (24 to 29°C), fostering a healthy appetite and growth rate.
  • Humidity: This species thrives in moderate humidity levels, around 60-70%. Although I don’t use water dishes in my setups, they can be included without any issues.
  • Housing: As a terrestrial species, young specimens do well in a 1 oz to 4 oz deli container with precision-made ventilation holes. For adults, a larger enclosure, about 2 to 3 times their leg span, is appropriate. 


The diet for the Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina" includes a variety of insects such as crickets and different cockroach species. Young spiders should be fed smaller prey like baby crickets and roaches. If a prey item is too large, you can simply crush its head and place it in the enclosure. It's important to remove any uneaten food to prevent mold. For an occasional treat, a small pinky mouse can be given, but it's crucial to limit such treats to avoid excessive calcium intake.

In-depth Facts:

  • Latin Name: Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina"
  • Common Name: Santa Catalina Tarantula
  • Locale: Found primarily in Panama.
  • Category: Terrestrial
  • Size: Typically reaches a moderate size, suitable for standard terrariums.
  • Urticating Hairs: Yes, these are present as a defense mechanism.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate; not too fast, allowing for enjoyable observation of its development.
  • Life Span: Females generally can live upwards of 15 years, while males have a much shorter lifespan. 
  • Recommended Levels: Suitable for beginners and experienced keepers alike due to its manageable size and temperament.

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Safety Disclaimer:

As with all tarantulas, handling the Sericopelma sp. "Santa Catalina" should be done with care and respect. While their venom is not considered dangerous to humans, a bite can cause discomfort. Larger tarantulas can have more potent bites, so it's important to be cautious and informed. In my experience, understanding and respecting these creatures is key to a safe and enjoyable experience. Please note, handling tarantulas is at your own risk, and I cannot assume responsibility for bites.